I Climbed A Mountain

I never had a desire to climb a mountain. But I did! I had to. 

Climbing a mountain is my analogy for my healing journey. You see even though I’ve been at the top of the mountain (No Evidence of Disease after healing stage four cancer since 2015), I’ve been too scared to let go. I’ve been holding on to the ropes that keep me tethered, not quite believing that I am at the summit. The fear of looking down stopped me seeing how far I have climbed and really appreciating the miracle. But now the fear has gone. I am enjoying being at the top of the mountain and absorbing the view.

My fear has been replaced with a knowing. Knowing that even if I slip down a bit, I know how to get back. This gives me the courage to look back and explore how I got here. Why look back? Because there are many people that I see at base camp, who just like me, never thought they would have to decide whether to climb the mountain or stay at base camp and perish.

Hey I haven’t actually climbed a mountain in reality but I do know that those who have didn’t just decide … “Hey tomorrow looks like a good day to climb the mountain!”. It takes lots of preparation and most importantly a great knowledgeable supportive team. So over the next months, probably years, I’ll be exploring all the stuff that I did and learned on my healing journey so the peeps in base camp can use it to help them on their journey too.

A bit about the awesome photo… It’s not me in the photo but it someone who really has climbed a mountain in the physical world. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, was climbed in 2016 by this beautiful peep Lisa Conyers. And again in June 2017. Now if climbing a mountain IS on your to-do list Lisa is going to do it again and take a group. Yell and I’ll put you in touch.