Healthy Skin Secrets … Naturally

Way back in 1981 (I was just 17)  I became a skin and beauty therapist. Eventually owning three beauty businesses which gave me access to insider information … but I didn’t like what I saw. I started to question the manufacturers about the ingredients in the products I was recommending and selling. Not happy with the answers I investigated myself. 

In the late eighties I discovered aromatherapy (when people didn’t even know what the word meant!). While studying to become a clinical aromatherapist in London I began to see how natural ingredients were more effective and less damaging to your skin and your health. Using my skin as a laboratory I investigated how nutrition and natural therapies can make a positive difference to the health of your skin and body.

Being disillusioned with the beauty industry I could not live a lie any longer and in 1997 we sold-up and left the beauty industry behind and I took a different career path never wanting anything to do with the ‘ugly’ “beauty” industry. But my friends wanted their skin to look like mine and pestered me for my ‘skin secrets’ which lead to a book being written about what I had learned about the beauty industry rip-offs. Titled “If You Want Great Skin, Throw Away Your Cosmetics“, it was published as a hard copy book in 2004 but seems people were not yet ready to hear this information. Seems they loved their fancy jars of stuff too much – seriously. In 2012 it was put it on Amazon Kindle with a new name and to my delight, this time peeps were ready to know this information. Information the beauty industry does NOT want you to know!