Lavender Will Always Do… What Lavender Does

Looking back into history various ailments were treated with plants and herbs, many of which we still use today (and have gone back to). The very reassuring thing with essential oils is that they are not going to change.

This is a world of constant change. Just when you have learned some new discovery and have gone about making the appropriate changes, the same experts then say they have found something else which is often contradictory to the first discovery. Dietary ‘advancements’ are a classic example … eat no fat because of the cholesterol discovery, now we know it is vital to eat the right fats. Count calories, now we know it depends on what the calories are made up of etc, etc … It’s enough to drive you batty. “eat this … no wait … now don’t eat this but now you should eat this!”. It goes on and on. Remember when we were told that cigarettes weren’t damaging our health!

After spending over 20 years in skin care, the “what’s working, what’s not working” and “what’s new, what’s out” saga has been continual. Over 20 years many products used were only later to be ‘discovered’ to be doing damage, or there was something better. The only thing that remained constant was aromatherapy. Or more specifically … What essential oils do for you now, they will do tomorrow, next year and next century. Yes, you might find new ways of using each oil but because aromatherapy (it was not called aromatherapy or essential oils then) is 4,000 years old, you can be assured it is not going to change now.

Keep this in mind if you are new to essential oils and find learning them seems a bit difficult. Once you know their uses, you can use this information forever, just like it was intended to be passed down from mother to daughter, generation to generation.