When Angels Go Home
It’s only natural (and a human need) that you connect with others and make friends by sharing your commonalities.
I’ve met some beautiful souls who share my diagnosis but it’s bloody painful if they die.
I could shut myself down and not connect, then, yes, I’d be protecting myself from this pain but I think I’d be missing out on so much more.
I believe love is a two way street. In order to receive it you need to give love. So …
What if … instead of feeling sadness (and fear) when angels go home, we use their passing to inspire us to keep on living?
What if … me living is in honour of them?
What if … every moment I enjoyed to the fullest is for them?
What if … their journey ending reminds us that we are all on different journeys?
Yes that’s what I will do.
Am doing.
So thank you angels.

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