When Angels Go Home
It’s only natural (and a human need) that you connect with others and make friends by sharing your commonalities.
I’ve met some beautiful souls who share my diagnosis but it’s bloody painful if they die.
I could shut myself down and not connect, then, yes, I’d be protecting myself from this pain but I think I’d be missing out on so much more.
I believe love is a two way street. In order to receive it you need to give love. So …
What if … instead of feeling sadness (and fear) when angels go home, we use their passing to inspire us to keep on living?
What if … me living is in honour of them?
What if … every moment I enjoyed to the fullest is for them?
What if … their journey ending reminds us that we are all on different journeys?
Yes that’s what I will do.
Am doing.
So thank you angels.


  • Hello
    I also send you a text at Messenger but maybe it is better here? ☺ I have cancer but I want to try gerson. I understood that it helped you but you also did surgery. Was it the combinatipn for you or that healed you? Or was it mostly the surgery OR the Gerson? It is not an easy methpd but if it can help it could be worth a try.
    Kindly regards catharina 💚

  • Hi Catharina. Both! Or rather all! It all works together. Many have asked me to recommend my treatment but everyone’s healing journey is different. I used, and still use, lots of healing modalities, western and natural. I believe we’ve gotta think “integrative” therapies rather than alternative as they all work together.

    I do know when I had the tumor and ovaries removed the surgeon said all my organs looked extremely healthy. So much that he decided to leave my uterus. And he tested the interstitial fluid and all clear. I had been on ft Gerson for about 12 months.

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